Irina is a grad student at the Scowlab. Don't mess with Irina.

She works in the PES building, but is in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.

Irina is trying to find the origin of the non fertile (non-fertilized?) eggs that she bought at the Davis Food Co-Op yesterday. So far she hasn't been able to find any info on Vega farms in Davis. Irina is disappointed.

10/10/06 Irina found out from a semi-reliable source that the chickens at Vega farms are probably doing alright.

This is a picture of 5th street, taken by Irina.

Irina and Mr. Kitty

One of Irina's hobbies is Bharatanatyam at the Experimental College


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2006-01-23 20:22:49   Hey great job on posting LEST we forget, how do you add pics to events? —ElizabethBarthel

2006-01-24 12:06:41   hmmm, I guess pretty much as adding any other pics? I don't know if there's meant to be a special section for them —IrinaChakraborty

2006-02-05 18:37:55   Thats a cute cat!! = ) —KarenAndradeCampos

2006-10-01 12:01:26   Hey sistah!, i did'nt know u did funky indian dances. Good on u! As for mr cat, he is cute. I saw one like him today. It was a thunderstorm in Helsinki and this cat ran along the road at Sornäinen dodging between cars and then hid under some house. Amazing stuff. Well, that's all i have to say about cats. A что это вообще? Зто типа блога или что? Классссс и все такое. LOL, u r right, should have stayed away from heavy machinery. Dont drink and type kids. Over and out. —AmitavChakraborty

2009-04-24 16:57:50   "She works in the PES building, but is in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department."

- sounds like a traitor to me. :) Hey Irina. —jefftolentino

2009-11-08 14:12:21   No worries... we good guys always outnumber the stinkers, and cleaning up spam is just part of volunteering within the wiki community. :) Also, that is a heck of a wonderful photo of 5th street! —JabberWokky