Christina Rae is a Third year at UC Davis. She was planning on majoring in Animal Science, but couldnt handle the course load :). She is now majoring in Communications and minoring in IR and Sociology (Society and Law). She lives in a house on Anderson with her friend and sorority sister Liz, her friend Tom Gray, and a whole slew of animals.

Isti, was in fact short for Christina. It's no longer her nickname because it never really caught on, but is still used by few. Christina is the younger sister of Allan Rae.

Some interesting facts about Christina:

- She is a Chi Omega

- She is a UCD Cheerleader

- She is a member of the Greek Conduct Board

- She is allergic to tomatoes and oranges.

- She trains guide dogs for the blind, and her current dog is a black lab named Oakley. He's super cute and it's likely that he'll pass, unlike her last dog, Raymond.

- She had a cat with a clever name (Picatsso).

are you mad allergic, or just intolerant? My better half suffers from the same thing —StevenDaubert