Thanks a lot for contributing your research on historic buildings! I set up two pieces of code that might make your life easier as you add information. One is a template, called YPP (go here to edit it). It includes links to the preservation project page and to the categories you are adding to each page. If you add this code: {{YPP}} to each page, it will automatically include that information. And if you edit the template in the future, all the pages that use it will reflect the changes.

Also, if you have many photos you want to post on one page, you can use the gallery template. Here is an example:
<gallery caption="214 North Huron" widths="200px" perrow="3">
Image: 214NHuron_08.jpg|Fire
Image: 214NHuron_10.jpg
Image: 214NHuron_11.jpg|Teen center
Image: 214NHuron_12.jpg|Efforts For Teens Pay Off

Please let me know if I can help! -MattH