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This is my editing notes page It doesn't mean you have to do it. They aren't really up for discussion, but if you want to have at it, go for it. These are corners and spots that are lacking in the wiki. One persons opinions.

Ah, but a man's grasp should exceed his reach,

Or what's a heaven for?

Robert Browning, "Andrea del Sarto"


  • UCD Classroom Etiquette has lots of good stuff buried in back and forth threads. A format that summarizes points and supports them with some of the well written anecdotes would work well here.
  • Motorcycles needs love. It also was renamed from motorcycling and needs inbound link/redirect checks, etc etc.

Deleted Talk Pages

Should really document some of these. In 2010, we're repeating thing from five years ago. Jason Aller was making great efforts to consolidate and reflect as a maturing group, but he got pissed on by a couple people on and off wiki for his efforts. Putting philosophy out there means ticking some people off.

On 8.24.05 I cleaned out some Talk pages for entries that had become stable. Since the format for Talk pages has changed, here are the "missing entries":

Brent pointed out Talk:Cost Plus World Market and Wiki Court.

I left a few that were newish or active.

Deleted by ES on 2005-12-5

Lost Editors

Doug, Jason, AlphaDog... document some of the reasons that people felt excluded or frustrated enough to leave. Including one shot editors who were attacked for their first edits. Fireball topics, probably worth the effort.



I can't find :

Also, I'm planning on seeing if I can get past attorneys to provide historical information about practices. The bar goes back to 1927. There's not an easy way to search, but the information is in there.

Found: 31911 Beede, John Millett Deceased 31911 Davis June 1961

Animules and Pants

Yeah. This is my albatross.

I also tagged Western Fence Lizards for some reason.


  • Delta Gamma needs some touchup. Do they have a chapter website (yet)?
  • This edit to Theta Tau removed some of the local info (EIT Review and workshops) and also moved the national level to the more prominent text rather than having local focus and then an overview of national. That's kind of an ongoing problem with several student orgs that are branches. At least a few appear to replaced their page with PR fluff (maybe "suggested wording" from a national org).



We need to create a nice page explaining to people who have never edited before how and when to archive comments. I'd say nearly 20% of the calls I get are from new management trying to figure out this wiki thing and wondering if they have to live with the sins of their predecessors.


On 2011-01-04, I found a way to reliably inject code. Actually, I was using an obscure and very technical method myself, but this new way is sufficiently simple and cross browser that I'm putting together a poweruser toolkit, merging my oddball javascript tools into a suite of tools anybody can use. Each user will have to turn it on for their account, but it seems to work really nicely. I ported over my tools "sr" (Simple Read, an Instapaper type reformatting of the page) and "rc", which splits the Recent Changes into a two pane view, a la email.

The other methods I found to inject code were subject to abuse, so they were all closed down. This method requires that the user actually enables it, so unless I think of some horrible way to abuse it, it can remain a hidden feature.

I've dubbed the suite Racemosa, after the species name for the California sycamore.

Racemosa should be ready to beta test shortly. If you're reading this, you're probably a power wiki user. Add your name to the list:

Alpha Previews

These are buggy currently, but they give you a general idea of what can be done. I have them tied to keypresses, but I'll probably add some kind of onscreen toolbar.

Hit Control-R to enter 'Read mode'. Great for wide monitors and also really nice for trying to sort through threaded comments.

Hit Control-C while on Recent Changes to enter 'Changes Mode'. The fonts are small because I like them like that myself. It's not unlikely I'll kick the list to the top rather than to the left and reformat the list to make it easier. It's kind of a hack job because I was the only one who was going to use it when I originally wrote it. I'll also have an option list to aways use this when you go to RC. Note the icon in the lower left corner, which accesses help and settings.

You get the bad-ass hack award! :)PhilipNeustrom

Project Blue

A super-secret wiki project. Oooo...

This will happen.

Project Silver

Another super-secret wiki project. Ahhhh...

This might happen.