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An image of one of his LARP characters Minor interesting facts:

  • Is in the process (2008-06) of registering as a fancy mouse breeder for lineage registration.
  • Last used Windows in 1998.
  • Until 2010, his last Apple product was a II LC. In March of 2010 he ordered an iPhone, iPad and loaded MacBook Pro only because he needed to develop apps for his company. Up until then, he and his wife had a near complete Linux household (with PalmOS phones) through preference (rather than conviction). It took him about three hours to with the iPad to connect to his home media server without having ever registered with Apple or downloaded an app. Preference still falls to Linux; they both installed Linux on their laptops. Fantastic hardware, but OSX is fussy and doesn't have the "just let me do what I want" feel that Linux does.
    • Uses mostly KDE apps on i3 (a tiling window manager). Used KDE with ion3 through November 2010, and believes the commonly accepted story of what happened with ion3 is generally fairly far from the truth and points to some serious problems with open software and vulnerabilities in communities built and inhabited by ruthlessly logically minded people.
  • His first computer was in the days when building your own meant a bit more than simply ordering parts.
  • Used to host a science fiction radio show, is perpetually thinking about starting again.
  • Drinks iced coffee, having discovered that it is far more likely to be decent than tea. Prefers Kona.
  • Has been looking for a good barbeque place ever since he moved to California.
    • Has discovered waiters give him a blank look when asked "what kind of barbeque is it?"
      • His favorite is Carolina style, but a good Georgian, South Carolina or St. Louis is good too. Texas BBQ is different.
  • Has lots of interesting sites, a few servers, and five meese in a huge custom built mouse cage.
  • Probably scored lower on the purity test than you.
  • Knows that when somebody asks you if you are a god, you say "yes".
  • Is likely not the political faction you think he is.
  • Filks, but only occasionally in public.
  • Knows about that Society thing with the people in armor who go camping, but again, not locally ("Vivat Trimaris!")
  • Is in Trekkies II, but is much more happy about the pretty good scene with his SO in an Orion Slave costume that he made (and she so excellently filled out).
  • Enjoys building stage props and furniture.
  • Owns an original shooting script, Susan Sarandon's audition photos and the collectable card proof sheet for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. His office is full of Rocky collectables.
  • Can be considered goth for values of goth that include Edward Gorey, Poppy Z., Souxie and gargoyles.
  • Can also be considered goth for values of goth that include Ostro and Visi. "Ask me about my sack!"
  • Is not generally considered goth.
  • Has a near legendary stash of "stuff" in Pennsylvania, including:
    • Full size MAME cabinet capable of taking four JAMMA boards (currently ripped apart again; it's being transformed into the "Rocky Horror Arcade Show")
    • More books and movies than you can shake a stick at - or fit in a 10' truck.
    • Original RHPS shooting script, as used on set, original Columbia doll used in the 10th Anniversary poster, original photos used to audition Susan Sarandon (yes, a wiki is forthcoming)
    • Everything White Wolf put out for the World of Darkness up until 3rd edition started coming out.
    • SubGenius devival gear.

  • Knows many many languages of a code type, and has written a mail editor in Intercal, and won obsfucated C contests. Prefers PHP as an interpreted language and likes Python. Feels very much at home in C (and is suspicious of those Bjarne blasted concoctions that came after). Likes SPL and Lua.
  • Likes Guinness, especially since other stouts are so rare.
  • Has missed two (2) Whole Earth Festivals since he moved.
  • Has written a few homebrew RPG systems, and likes Marvel, Storyteller, Palladium and many many more. Ranks AD&D in decending order as they have come out (First is 1st, etc). Was ST for a large, full WoD game.
  • Has used the phrase "This is terrible scotch. It has notes of silly putty and neosporin. Pour me another while I show you how the wiki works". Right before editing the wiki.
  • No longer makes babies cry when he merely opens his violin case, and can play some Irish sounding bits of music that people can stand for a couple minutes.
  • Enjoys learning to home build homes. Frame houses, wattle and daub and Mike Oehler turn him on.
  • Believes monogamy is just simply being cool to your best friend. And if group sex or more than one best friend is cool, then that's fine too (thus it's also the definition of polygamy). But always be cool to the friend(s) you call family.
  • Can cook. Before Food Network made it trendy to deglaze.
  • His home network consists of eddie and columbia, twin 13" MacBook Pro 7,1s running Kubuntu, frank (Dell laptop), crim (Toshiba Libretto 110ct which is a mousecam), riffraff (4U rackmount), magenta (MythTV install), scott (MAME). ralph and janet are retired. His work systems are tim-01 to tim-10, ramon, ritz, nell and the less than spectacularly named op03.
  • He writes to think, so pardon any long winded, rambling essays on the wiki. It's how he evolves his editing philosophies.
  • Takes it as a personal failure and genuinely feels bad when somebody exits the Wiki in a huff. He feels bad and wonders what went wrong and if there was anything he could have done to make them happier or fix what had made them upset.
  • Believes being blunt without being needlessly harsh is a tough thing to do, but is ultimately the right thing to do to be fair and open. If you run across a spot on the wiki where the phrase "blunt" is used by him, he agonized over the wording of that edit to keep it a positive and honest presentation of negative things.
  • Is sometimes too flippant in the Edit Comment field, looks back and winces. Oops. He meant whatever it was as a dumb amusement, honest!

...and lastly...

Often plays around with stuff (like the Wiki!) to break it. Then drinks more iced coffee in triumph. THEN fixes it.tar zxf

  • Note that I now often drink iced Cafix as well.
  • 1 This means a picture that does not (unlike the ones posted here):
    • Look like I'm choking someone.
    • Occlude my face with a cameraphone.

Amazing Value!

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Psst... the wiki is a radio station! As of 2011, I'm playing Lord of Ultima (a long term strategy game stretching many months): I'm on World 21, continents 40, 41 and 42. On c41, my cities are named after Northern California cities. Oakland and Alameda are heavy ports, the latter full of warships, WestSacto and Sacramento are gold cities, while one of the major forces I have are the Paladins of Esparto. I really like the phrase "the Paladins of Esparto". After about nine months of play, my alliance (The Silent Force) and I managed to become Lord of Ultima for world 21.