Hi! i have lived in Davis since September of 2006. I moved from Los Angeles, CA and have been here ever since.

I'm a student working towards a psychology and political science double major.

I enjoy smiling, photography, Reading, laughing, long intelligent conversations, writing, food, movies, music, manga, sleeping, steampunk and cyberpunk, day dreaming, stupid fun, sushi, Starbucks, jamba juice, cars, video games, singing, shopping, hiking, soccer, tennis, football, etc, well you get the idea.

There really isn't much to say about me, I'm not that interesting of a person, but since your reading this then i guess your interested, huh? lol Well... I pretty much just go to school and work as many hours as i can. I like going to my favorite sushi place, Sushi Nobu, with my girlys and walking around downtown Davis, with my cup of Starbucks, going into little stores for shits and giggles. I always go into Drom's Comics. I always have my camera on me, and while i rather do darkroom photography, that's expensive, so I'm sticking to digital for now.

So basically: I'm a girl. I'm Frisky. I eat sushi. i love photography! I'm stubborn, and sarcastic. i collect random facts and quotes. I hang out with anyone and i love to talk but its got to be intelligent conversation and if its stupid it better make me laugh. I'm a proud nerd, even if people call me out ad say I'm not nerdy enough, i know better. I'm a Chicana, a Mexican-American. Damn proud of my roots and blood but still a fierce American, patriot, and lover of my country. I was born in LA, I will probably die somewhere else, and will be everywhere else in between.

I <3 friends!