Jarrett Noble

Phone Number: (530) 220-****

Jarrett Noble has lived in Davis for seven years now. He once worked for Cantina Del Cabo and now works at Sophia's as a bartender and is also the store manager of Mobile Connections.

Mr. Noble also holds a degree in philosophy with a concentration in applied law and ethics. In particular he enjoys the philosophies of Hume, Locke, Bonjour, and Rawls. He is an indirect-realist who believes that we do not directly perceive objects around us. In other words our perceptions are influenced by different sense datum around us. Once these sensations have been experienced our cognitive faculties compare these sensations with our past experience of objects and a determination is made. Our view of reality (external world) is a result of sensation combined with the prior knowledge we have gained through our experiences in the world. Many people think that we directly perceive objects in the external world. This makes it hard to explain certain phenomena like hallucinations, light refraction, and object's non-discript or secondary qualities. I.e. someone who is hallucinating is percieving the same object as us, but not experiencing the same thing. This is because the sensations the object produces and the persons perception of this sensation have been altered. The object and the person haven't changed, but merely their interpretation. This is of course ,as with most things in philosophy, a short explanation and a matter of opinion.

Jarrett finds all things relative to beer, alcohol, and wine delightful, whether it be establishments that serve them, their consumption, or their history. He also creates to many Interwiki Links. Since his graduation he has had a plethora of free time to read books. Any recomendations on further reading material are always appreciated. Some favorites are The Fountainhead, Life of Pi, Fight Club, and Kitchen Confidential.

Jarrett is also in the process of founding the N.G.C.S.D. (Noble's Global Consortium for Sociological Domination) it is at this point still mostly of figment of his imagination, which is arguably just as real as anything else and just fine with him.


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2007-03-08 16:03:01   thanks! i agree that the page should stay, but it does need to be cleaned up a bit. its an important page because most crappy tippers are crappy out of ignorance, and the wiki is a good place to at least give them a choice to be good or bad tippers. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-03-08 17:11:13   Interesting, I never figured someone would get mad ifyou gave them money... Even if I tip I I always tell the server to give my compliments to the chef —StevenDaubert

2007-03-09 03:56:19   Buddy of mine reported the exact same logo that is on North Davis Super Giant Burrito land in a SoCal location... —StevenDaubert

2007-03-09 17:59:09   Cool! Good to know —StevenDaubert

2007-03-21 17:19:38   Toolbox. —JeffSpeckles