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I'm interested in evolution, genetics, angiosperms, biodiversity, natural history, mycology, invasive species, conservation, and marine biology. I enjoy literature, specifically short stories and science fiction, and intellectual arguments. Accordingly, I studied Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity, obtaining my degree in March 2008 alongside a minor in English.

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2005-08-24 16:29:50   Hey Jasmin, thanks for creating the optometrists page. I cleaned it up a little and put each Dr. on his/her own page. Also, remember to Preview to aviod cluttering up the server with repeated saves. —ArlenAbraham

2005-10-11 11:15:02   RE Allegre Tennis Courts: Okay... so whose tennis courts are they? Is there another complex next door or are they private or what? If you know what the deal is, can you post info on the page? As an outsider, it appears that the courts are part of the complex! —AlphaDog

2006-03-14 22:23:26   The Discovery, EEB Club, and Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity pages are confusing -are these three different things or three names for the same thing? I have my theory, but I still think they need clarification. IMHO. —SteveDavison