Jen really likes beers.

Jen Dockter
Thug Bungalow
I am tiny. I like to make lists. I like to cook for a lot of people. I like to list things I enjoy.
* Arts student at Ai Pittsburgh (I take classes on the internets!)
* Baking every weekend I feel like it. Drop by the bungalow for fresh breads, brownies, cookies or whatever.
* I really want to start a garden in the noila; I know there is the co-op garden out by the Silo, but that is so far away that I would never tend it.
* Photography!
* Illustration!
* Video Games!
* Please edit my page. It sucks.


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Hey, Jen. Penny Arcade kicks ass, but unfortunately, posting it here violates the copyright they have. Take a picture of some cookies... or upload some of your photographic work!JabberWokky