"I found DavisWiki randomly through a search on google, looking for info about Crepeville. And then, I was hooked."

Procrastination + Addiction to internet + Boredom + College = This Page.

Yeah, I had some... time...

Somewhere in SoCal
2007, Senior status X_x
Community Regional Development
Possible Majors/Minors:
French, Asian American Studies
Languages Spoken:
English Mandarin Taiwanese French
Languages I Want to Learn: (for now)
Japanese Italian Korean Spanish Vietnamese
She Is Often Seen:
  • Putting links on different wikis.
  • Riding buses to and from campus (and having crushes on (on-time) bus drivers).
  • Studying late at various places but most likely at the library
  • Procrastinating with multiple internet addictions
  • Writing
  • Thinking about cross-cultural differences (SoCal/NorCal, AsAm/Am, Engineer/Writer/SocScientist Small town/City etc.) and how they affect life on multiple levels.
  • Buying bagels
  • Trying new flavors at Jamba Juice.
  • Sipping hot chocolate
  • Revising an entry in her Xanga (to get the wording just right).
  • Missing home, like a fat kid loves cake.
  • Absorbing NorCal culture, like a good SoCal Davis student.
  • Loving trees especially in Davis
  • Laughing and poking fun at herself (as a SoCaler), whenever she tries to use "hella" in a sentence.
  • Sitting at the Arboretum, trying to stay away from... the ducks. Those hungry ducks....
  • Walking around Safeway and Longs with cell phone in hand, reconnecting with home.
  • Returning once in a while to eat at the D.C.
  • Chatting with 2 other roommates in Pepperwood apartment.

Interesting Wikis:


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2005-02-06 15:46:24   Hi Jen, welcome to the wiki. Please be sure to preview before saving, it keeps the server uncluttered. also, remember to comment about your changes so that other users know what you've changed. —ArlenAbraham

2005-02-06 17:10:26   Sorry. Hehe. Perfectionisht tendencies. >.< —JenKao

2005-05-23 00:47:21   wow, your page is excellent —MichelleAccurso

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