Once upon a time, Jennifer attended UC Davis, was a double major, and things were quite insane.

Then she graduated. Things have only gotten more insane from there.

She used to work at the Davis Enterprise, but now works on the Degree Navigator project at UCD because as a former double major, she feels that anything you can use to avoid umpteen trips to see your advisors is great.

She has a large number of webpages, ranging in the amount of updating from "Geez, did you do ANYTHING ELSE ALL DAY but post links?" to "Oh, I forgot I had that one. Or that one. Or that other one." Last she checked, there were over thirty different chicks with the same name as her on the Internet. If you somehow manage to stumble across one of THIS Jennifer's sites, especially the ones where she didn't put her last name on them, bully for you!

She can usually be found at either the Craft Center or the ARC. She's not entirely sure where her apartment is any more, come to think of it.

She also doesn't like writing bios much, and clearly must have been bored one day to actually get around to writing this one.