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2009-12-20 22:37:58   Welcome to the Wiki. We operate under the Creative Commons license here so uploading works you don't have the rights to release is a problem. —JasonAller

2009-12-20 22:52:07   It looks like William deleted the page you were creating. Take a moment to look at Recent Changes and see his comment and then consider discussing it. —JasonAller

2009-12-20 22:54:58   There is nothing on the page you created for Alex Lloyd that suggests he is a public figure in any way. You can't just create pages for friends on here. If he is indeed a public figure, please write about why we should care who he is.

Additionally, why are you posting his phone number? It's apparently unlisted. Rude thing to do. —WilliamLewis

2009-12-21 00:06:21   The people you see on People are editors on Davis Wiki. Editors can create short little pages to tell the wiki about themselves. Note that they are all in the Users/ namespace. For example, this page here is at Users/JohnDavis. If you wish, you can write a bit about yourself here. My page is at WilliamLewis. These aren't random pages people created for their friends.


2010-01-01 21:00:33   You uploaded pictures to the Alex Lloyd page that you cannot possibly license under the creative commons attribution license. They were removed before for this reason and you restored them.

Also, you still haven't justified that Alex is a bona fide public figure and the page isn't simply vanity. —WilliamLewis

2010-01-02 08:50:54   Hey, John. William isn't being a hardass, it's simply that the stuff on the wiki has to be free for everybody to use. It's kind of one of the reasons the wiki works... everybody contributes, everybody can use stuff without ever worrying about being accused of ripping somebody off. The other issue he's talking about is that most people have "editor entries"... like this one for you. Only really well known or people important to Davis — the mayor (and past mayors, other politicians), musicians who regularly perform, KDVS DJs, people who have published a book, etc. — have entries written about them. And even they don't usually write their own entries, as other people write the entry about them. It's not "their entry", it's an "entry about them", which is a kind of important difference. It's kind of subtle, so no worries if it's confusing at first; we're all trying to help you out, so if you have any questions, just ask — we're a friendly community here on the wiki. :) Welcome! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-01-10 13:03:18   Where should Alex Loyd be linked from? Should it be a public figure page? —JasonAller