biography School: Fiarlands Elementary, Harvest Park Middle School, Amador Valley High School, Diablo Valeey College, U.C. Davis (University of Washinton... Uc Berkely... Uc Irvine... University of Michigan... Reed; all perspective for grad school)

Major/Minor: English, Gender Studies, and a minor in Psych

Pets: shasha the She Ho Dog

Job(s): Professional Asshole, Pavillion Event Tech, Night Staff at Families First Inc.

Musical Instruments: Trombone, Computer, Vinyl Dj equiment, Digital Dj equipment, shasha

Drink of Choice: 151 and Vodka anything.

Favorite Show: Strangers With Candy, The Simpsons

Favorite Pro Sumo wresteler:

Favorite Bands/Groups: too many to discuss Bjork.. and others.

I am JONDSOUZA, aparently im kind of a society person. I have a penchant for Bjork and all things strange. I have been told I dress well, I beg to differ. Im an artist and a writer, though I have been in a bit of a lull lately. I'm in the process of writing a Gender studies book, and a graphic novel based on all of the fun times here. I design my own clothes, when I can. Recently I have been making Clear Vinyl stuff. I wish I was born in the 70's punk era New York / London. I wish I lived in Seattle or London. I dream, what I dream becomes reality. I like boys and girls, I like boys better. I speak my mind. My mind is dirty. Ive been told I'm aggressive, curt and blatant wheni speak. I get respect for that. shasha is my doggie, I call her stinkypants.

Jon was going to run for ASUCD Senate on the Friends Urging Campus Kindness slate in the Winter 2005 ASUCD Election but was eliminated from canadicy on a technicality where his acadamic standing was affected by a grade which was retroactivly changed. However, the change was not soon enough to make him eligible to run for senate.