Joseph Henry Harrington III (Hebrew name: יָאִיר הִלֵּל) (November 1986-) No longer resides in Denton, Texas, but no day passes without his name being mentioned in the city, at least four times.

Life before Denton

Joseph was born in California, but lived in several states before moving to Texas. As a high school student, he cared so much about his creativity and so little about his academics that he had no choice other than to be educated at Stephen F. Austin State University from 2005-2008. He began to notice that there weren't enough French classes and there were so few homosexual men that he decided to improve his GPA and transfer to UNT, which was close to his home and heavily populated with homophiles and francophones.

Life as a UNT Student

Joseph was a Spanish major with a French minor who worked at Golden Triangle Mall. In an effort to find companions, he joined Glad in the fall of 2007 and became the historian of the organization in the spring semester of 2008. He never missed a single meeting until he graduated class of '10. His participation in this organization was 90% of his social life and a vital outlet of creative expression that helped him cope with the pain of college which was caused by his foolish decision to study language. In addition to creating the decorations for three proms and creating the current glad logo, Joseph was once voted "Best Officer". When not stressing out about Glad, he spent most of his free time shopping at Hobby Lobby, knitting, and overdressing for parties. Very little time was wasted studying and yet he managed to make mostly B's and a few A's.

Nightlife as a Woman

Excessive freak dancing, over accessorizing, and the accumulation of too many cosmetics may have been some of the habits that led to the birth of his alter Ego "The Black Mamba" in February 2008. She has performed on 3 occassions at Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair.

Life as a UNT Alumnus

Fortunately, Joseph lives relatively close to Denton for the time being, therefore he makes several trips to visit Mr. Chopsticks and close friends. He currently works for a party rental company and speaks Spanish at work when forced to and French when he wants to.

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