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2009-12-04 21:58:31   Welcome to the wiki! You may also want to read Welcome to the wiki/Business owner. I made some edits on the Joy and Taylor's Raw Chocolates that you created. Some of it was just cleanup and adding links and such. But I also added a table at the top of the page so that the page would be like the other wiki business pages. It would be good if you could add information to it... hours of operation, address, etc. Or, if some things are not relevant for your business, you can delete them. Also, I changed the language from first person to third person (from "we" to "they") and took out some of the exclamation points. The reason I did that is that pages on the wiki are community resources for the community to edit; the wiki isn't a business listing site. So, generally pages about businesses avoid marketing-speak. But I don't think I changed very much — you created a nice page with lots of good information on it.

On a more personal note, I love chocolate, and so I am very excited about your business! I hope to be trying it soon. —CovertProfessor