Name: Justin Kudo

Office: James Burchill & Associates, Inc.

Favorite Restaurants: I'm big on food, and much like a few other restaurant reviewers on here, thought I'd list my picks for food.

Japanese: Zen Toro. Best sushi in Davis, for that matter, better than the dozens of sushi places in the greater Bay Area that I've been to. Non-sushi selections are fairly good as well. Don't bother going anywhere else in Davis, except possibly Nobu Hiro.

Chinese: Wok of Flame or Hometown. Again, these two restaurants are so far above the other restaurants in Davis that I'd hate to eat elsewhere. Wok of Flame is very high-quality but a bit whitewashed. Hometown is more traditional chinese food from a true "hole-in-the-wall" place.

Will theoretically update this someday.


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2011-04-04 21:21:17   Thanks for the info. I feared this was so...We'll keep dreaming of the days when Theakston was at BevMo. (I did not intend for that to rhyme. Your welcome anyway :) ) —jsbmeb