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Hi Kanako, and Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for adding information to The Fitnessgarage page. In its current state, it seems very promotional ("glossy" in wiki parlance, a reference to glossy flyers), which is actually a violation of WikiSpot's (and thus Davis Wiki's) nonprofit agreement with the IRS. Please take a moment to look over the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner and Wiki Community/For Profit Restrictions pages. Both provide a lot of useful information. The key point here, though, is that things like flyers that would be used to advertise for a company are generally a problem. If you could provide information on what sort of classes are offered from an educational/informative standpoint, rather than a promotional one (including replacing the flyer images), it would be a huge improvement. It's also possible other users will hop in and help out with shaping the page to be a bit less promotional. It's not an insult or an attack or anything; it's just a part of the collaborative editing process which is what makes the wiki such a great resource. If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask. —TomGarberson