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Hi Kelsey, and welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for editing under your real name. Identity is a big plus for interacting with others on the wiki. —TomGarberson

2011-05-23 13:55:29   Thanks! I actually feel like a shmuck for editing in my real name, because most people don't seem to. —KelseyCondell

2011-07-07 11:20:48   Hi Kelsey, I was wondering what the internet is REALLY like at Cambridge House. There's a lot of haters on the wiki, and it's hard to extract the truth from it. You said it worked well for you, but were you streaming movies off it, or what? Thanks! —RyanPhillips

2012-02-18 20:14:29   aw, RyanPhillips, I just got your message! Doh!! The internet worked great for me... but they screwed me over at move out. surprise surprise! —KelseyCondell