Ken was a Computer Science Engineering undergraduate student, a member of Davis College Republicans, and the most obvious Orthodox Jew on campus.

Ken's email address is Consequently, "Kabloom" is a nickname he has picked up amongst people that know him. People say things like "Kabloom is doing the next LUGOD meeting" or "Kabloom is in my ECS xyz class". Unfortunately, he couldn't get, so his next email address won't be the same explosion after he graduates. It will be

Ken graduated on June 17, 2005, with high honors, and is now a graduate student at Illinois Institute of Technology (in Chicago).

He loves wikis, and his new website is []. It's a wiki that only he can edit (at least for the time being).


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Ken, I stumbled upon this looking for the hours of a restaurant, of all things... Oye! -MichelleAccurso

I don't even know Sean Davis, but he was listed as a professor elsewhere on the wiki, so I included him in the list. Who is he really? -EliseKane

  • As his page says, he's a full time lecturer, and on the first day of his classes, he makes sure you know that.

2009-07-26 02:47:52   I hope by now you have left the republican party?? Being a Jew, there is nothing wrong with that!!! —jimmy1985