Kevin Gong, hard at work. Probably just slacking off and being a camwhore.

Kevin Gong is a graduate of UC Davis, with a BA in Political Science and History and a minor in War and Peace Studies. He was formerly a member of the Model United Nations at UC Davis and participated in their travelling team as well as their locally hosted High School conference. He studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary for the Fall 2006 Semester through the Education Abroad Program. He was the Secretary General of the 2007 Davis Model United Nations Conference.

He is not particularly involved in the wiki, but uses it often to find out cool stuff about the community he lives in. He also finds ASUCD particularly onerous as throughout the four years of his Davis life, there always seems to be some sort of scandal in progress somewhere in the organization at time, though especially during elections. However, that doesn't stop him from voting. He also is a person that owns two bikes, but oddly, rides neither these days.

He studied in Austin, TX at The University of Texas' Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs between 2008 and 2010, returning to California soon after, and Northern California in 2011. He is currently serving an AmeriCorps VISTA year in neighboring [[Solano County]], marking his return to the Davis scene.


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Kevin is knowledgeable about many different topics (history, science, politics, philosophy, games, etc.). I always learn something from him. Last time i learned that the Hungarian exchange rate is a pain to calculate. - AlexandraKollantai