I have been in Davis since 1 March 2005, when I came out to join my future wife, Christine. I work at the Davis Food Co-op I'm a freelance writer and blogger, writing online and off.

Online, I write at my Davis blog "An Englishman in Davis" and my beer blog "An Englishman in California, on Beer", at Everything2 as wertperch.

You may note that many of my edits have what may appear to be peculiar spellings; I spell very well indeed thank you, just in an English accent. If I add or edit something and it offends or looks wrong to you, then you should change it to something more Websterian. Darn that [Noah Webster], anyway.


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2007-05-06 13:23:02   hola kevin, thanks for editing the Meditation Center page. —JessicaRockwell

2007-08-28 12:31:06   Kevin, may I please request (a) a photo &/or (b) a link to another page of Kevin-ness? —DougWalter

  • Thanks for (b) the link! Perhaps someday (a)? —DougWalter

Doug, you got it! - KW

2008-02-12 18:52:40   The address for Redfield Machine came from 17 Arboretum Drive. If you look on the maps Arboretum Drive turns into Arboretum Terrace when it crosses the railroad tracks. I'll try to check with Bob before I switch the information back. —JasonAller