Halloooo there. Welcome.

The Pickle Club (aka The Pickle Fort) is an art-fort and free expression emporium in East Hills, Grand Rapids, MI.

CLICK HERE for live-cinema by the Pickle Fort Film Collective

The Pickle Club is an ongoing artistic-social-cultural experiment in a private residence.


-open mic for spoken word and performance artists, politicos, the down and uptrodden, those seeking rights and freedoms and those seeking to escape their own freedoms, and other assorted open-minded philosophical acrobats of all stripes.


-art events especially those featuring the primacy of play, games of chance and joy and universal freedom (e.g. Pyramid-Angle Marble Games and Cheese Hole: A Game of Skill and Chance with lasers and cheese and knives!) 

-The Pickle Fort is a roundtable'esque freeform creative think-tank swimming hole

-out and in-stallations, sculpture, live sound and video performances, microcinema movie nights

-home studio of SomethingTV.com, an ongoing playlist featuring the cinema of daily life-other unusual ecclectic happenings, be-ins, drop-ins, gatherings, healings, parades, roof-sittings, UFO watchings, peaceful and spontaneous sidewalk meetings, and other-many diverse forms of inner-attainments and vibrational enhancements 

-coffee and tea and sometimes pie and happiness

Viget we love you.

No I'm not Pitbull but thanks for asking. ;)