Kristine Eilts

(Chris-TEEN) (Eye-Ults)

I am currently attending Heartland Community College with an undecided major, and plan to transfer to Illinois State in a few years. Although I have a majority of my classes in BloNo, I reside in my hometown of Pontiac. In Pontiac, I work at the Livingston County Boys and Girls Club and have worked there since May of 2008 and I loved every minute of it.

I would say that I have a big family with four older brothers. Yes, I am the youngest and only girl but it does happen to be quite beneficial, especially in my kiddo yeas. :) Music is my escape, I love it; and it is safe to say that the Dave Matthews Band has stolen my heart. <3 — I would say I'm an easygoing person. After living with four brothers, I have grown up to be an athletic, sport loving girl.

"Take every risk. Roll the dice, walk on thin ice... 'cause if you play your cards right, you got nothin' to regret."