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2010-03-31 23:30:27   Hi LC, and Welcome to the Wiki! If you're looking for a new dentist, I recommend Dr. Tran in North Davis or Dr. Jones in East Davis. I've been to Dr. Tran a number of times and had great experiences (Dr. Wong, who shares office space with Dr. Tran, is also great). While I haven't been to Dr. Jones personally, I've heard glowing reviews from a couple of friends, and he's very active and endlessly helpful here on the wiki. The marvelous Dental Questions page is his doing. Also, while you're here, why no introduce yourself? You can edit this page to add some info. Have a look at the "Importance of using your RealName" page. It really is conducive to a quality community experience. —TomGarberson

2010-04-02 13:47:27   Thank you Tom. I went went to the dentist this morning and had a good experience. Thank you for the suggestions. —LC