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2007-11-03 22:50:32   Howdy. You might want to revert your changes to the Bookmarks page as that page is designed to be different for each user based on what they choose to bookmark. I'll try to add some of the other useful pages that have been developed on other wikis. —JasonAller

Feel free to ask any of us questions you have! You can discuss stuff over on the Community Discussion page (which has its own mailing list, linked on that page), or ask something over on the FAQ page. Welcome! —PhilipNeustrom

2007-11-03 22:07:40   Check the page and look for the section Default address locale and type Winters, California into that box and hit Save Settings. You might as well set the local time zone as well. —JasonAller

2008-02-29 08:38:05   Can you add me to the admin list for this wiki so that I can do some maintenance? Go to Wiki Settings/Security and add JasonAller below your name in the admins box and then scroll down and hit save. Thanks. —JasonAller