Liz Joyner is the Executive Director of The Village Square, a nonprofit nonpartisan organization started in Tallahassee, Florida devoted to civil and factual discourse on matters of Liz Joyner, The Village Squarelocal, state and national importance. 

Liz came out of semi-retirement as a stay-at-home mom because her experience working for numerous political campaigns convinced her that the way we work out our disagreements in today's public square is fundamentally flawed (you've really got to wonder about anyone who'd set their sights on fixing the public square).  The Village Square came together when Liz ran City Commissioner Allan Katz's re-election campaign and saw an example of the civic discussions we should  be having between Allan and his politically diverse friends.  You can read about Village Square co-founders Allan Katz and Bill Law HERE.  Now Allan's the U.S. Ambassador to Portugal, so he's in Lisbon now and he left Liz back in the states to fix our incivility?  Thanks a lot Allan.

Liz's "Threads of a Nation" quilt that is actually HUGEWhen she's not pushing civic rocks up hills, Liz dabbles in textile art.  Her portfolio includes "Threads of a Nation" (at left), a quilt made in honor of her family members who have served in the military.  It's made of tiny 1.5" squares - many of which of hand-dyed - and the finished measurement is 5 x 7 feet.  The quilt has shown at LeMoyne Art Gallery.  The quilt is clearly another indication that Liz likes a challenge (and has a tenuous grasp on sanity).

She fondly remembers the days when her parents would laugh good-naturedly every election day when they dutifully went to cast their votes that inevitably cancelled each other out.  They continued to speak, even about politics. 

Liz has a one very patient husband and two very wonderful girls, in addition to a dog and a cat who are best friends.  Of course they are.

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