Been fishin Davis for 16yrs. 🎣


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2014-03-31 22:33:39   I love the fish photos! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2014-04-01 02:01:58   Nice fish! Where are you catching em'? Any tips?


2014-04-01 12:56:10   Thanks! All those are from Putah Mikey. The winter was slow but the prespawn and spawn have been killer on warm days without the rain. Still can pull the bass in the rain but it's a lot more work for a lot less fish. I don't like to say exactly what I use on here bc I don't want just random ppl to look up fishing in Davis and figure it out so easily and ruin the amazing fishery that Putah has been for me haha. But if you want to go fish sometime I'd be happy to show you some stuff. I'm sure you could teach me a few things about stonegate. I've never targeted bass there only the carp and catfish. Id love to get on the bass action there. —LoganSchwab

2014-04-03 20:33:57   Fished stonegate today and caught a 4lb bass Never thought there'd be bass in the Guess I got a new fishery —LoganSchwab

2014-04-03 21:11:53   Thanks for the photos, it's good stuff - people never believe you can hit decent sized fish in Putah

do you do much night fishing? —StevenDaubert

2014-04-04 10:44:37   Yeah forsure definitely are. Sometimes ill night fish off the damn thing on ODR Usually get bass and squaw —LoganSchwab

2014-04-05 19:05:52   Hey guys new to Davis, and have been wanting to fish. I checked out Putah creek near old Davis road with my roommate and didn't catch anything. You guys know how the fishing is there this time of year? and any advice? i tried fishing a jig very slowly today and nothing :/ —MarioLira

2014-04-06 23:44:35   Fishing is great this time of year. A jig should work pretty well Got to fish it shallow up against the bank for the most part. —LoganSchwab

2014-04-18 01:41:24   Let's go fishing. I'm a member at Stonegate and am interested in seeing how you fish it. —MikeyCrews

2014-04-19 16:11:56   Sounds good Mikey. How can I get in touch with you to set something up? I'm using a different account now bc it won't let me onto this one for some reason and says my email domes match an account either haha —LoganSchwab.