Hey. I'm a postdoc in the Center for Comparative Medicine. Our lab studies Helicobacter pylori. Anyway, I arrived in Davis sometime around the 11th of Feb. 2005. After significant deliberation, I've decided I like this part of the U.S. I enjoy playing the guitar, drums, listening to tunes... etc. I'm very passionate about beer and brew my own as well. Why are so many people so particular about what they eat, yet when it comes to beer, they'll down a Natty light without any consideration of how horrible it tastes? Beer is a delicious beverage, not solely a vehicle for inebriation. That's quite an enjoyable side effect, though. : ) There are minor beer related images towards the bottom of the page.

Here is my profile on my favorite beer site of all time: http://www.beeradvocate.com/user/profile/marc77

Feel free to contact me at myrehfuss@ucdavis.edu. I'm always up for relaxing and enjoying a beverage or a bird poop popsicle.

(Token dog picture) Those are our two Norfolk terriers. They're utterly crazy and tremendously loveable. On the left is Mickey on the right is Fancy, who is Mickey's great granddaughter. (No, I didn't name them.) Unfortunately, they're back in my home state of VA. I like dogs that have beards.

Hey now. I am one happy camper.

Here's a pic from sometime in July 2005. Christopher (AKA Aries) is the fool standing next to me, of course. I can't vouch for my sobriety during the time the picture was taken.

This is a picture of me and my aunt back in Dec 2004 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I don't normally dress in traditional Chinese attire, but I had a reason to that day.

About 100 miles west of Salt Lake City off of 1-80 there's an odd sculpture in the middle of the vast salt infused lake bed. I have no clue as to its origins. Any ideas? Anybody seen this?

Help!! Somebody turn off my eyes!!

Here's a pic of Bosho and Sage jamming at Delta of Venus 2/14/05. I don't really remember taking it. I rather enjoy Delta of Venus.

Here's my little green friend. I call him Greeny.

This was my friend Tracy throwing fire sometime early November 2005. He's out of his mind, yet entirely sane. (legally)

Here's the mash from an IPA I brewed not too long ago. There's Maris Otter (a superb British pale malt), a couple pounds of Munich malt, some biscuit malt and Caravienne (a light Belgian crystal malt). My mashtun is a converted Gott cooler with a stainless steel false bottom.

Here's a whirylig sparge arm. It's totally superfluous, but it's fun to watch! I was brewing an IPA that day. (Sparge = the process of "rinsing" residual sugar off the grain in your mash.)

Here's a larger overview. The freezer (with an external temperature controller) is where I place my fermentors. THe cooler on top of the freezer is where I hold my hot water for the sparge. It's called the "hot liquor tank."

Ahh yes. Sparging and first wort hopping is fun. I'm collecting wort into my 10 gallon kettle. I usually collect 7 gallons, then boil that down to 5 after 90 minutes. The hops seen floating there are Simcoes. Ideally the slower the sprage rate, the better. I shoot for never less than 45 minutes. The slower the sparge, the greater your extraction efficiency will be.

Here's the boil in all its glory. My copper immersion chiller is sterilizing in the boil. Surrounding the 170,000 BTU burner is my aluminum windguard.

This was later in the evening after brewing was done. I hit my target specific gravity of 1.070 on the nose so it was a successful brewday, with ample reason to celebrate. It was another sober night, indeed. That's my friend Matt on the right. Neither of us are at all obnoxious. Anyway, I'll keg that IPA along with a Scotch Ale sometime early December. Stop by for a few pints.


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