WikiWalker of many years, started SwitchWiki that then turned into - was around for the starting of the WikiNode idea. It was a response to wikify the TourBusStop idea. Which has been dusty for a little while. I think I might like to start it up again, it even makes more sense with CivicWiki! (the guy who had the idea for the SandBox started the TourBus idea.)

Look forward to seeing this project rock! Much like the first one you started and like the WikiSpot folks!

Cheers, Mark

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p.s. why don't WikiLinks work here?


2010-10-11 07:10:29   they need to be programmed in through the Interwiki_Map page I believe —DamianKumor

2010-10-11 20:04:51   That is weird that this namespace is not connected to the main wiki. —MarkDilley


Couple years ago it didn't really seem like there was anything on the Portland Wiki, and at any rate I don't know them yet.  Maybe it has filled out that wiki some since then?  Do you know them?  If you want to collaborate with them, I say go for it!  That could be awesome. -Angel.York