MartySmith is currently studying Political Science. He is in his 4th year here at UC Davis. His interests include (but are not limited to) playing the guitar, mountain biking, camping, hiking, swimming, water polo, computers, and photography.

In many cases of extreme boredom, Marty can be seen riding about campus on a ratty mountain bike with a Coca-Cola bottle rack. In many cases, he generally explores to find new places around campus or blazes new trails on bicycle.

Among other things, MartySmith has worked as a city pool lifeguard in his hometown. However, he is much happier currently working as a Student Resident Firefighter at the campus Fire Department.

Once a frequent traveler of Amtrak like many other Bay Area Freshmen, he now calls Davis home...unless it's Thanksgiving, Christmas, (or Spring) break.


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2007-04-20 23:23:52   Can you move the file WallGlobe.jpg from Mystery Picture to Mystery Picture/History and label it? —JasonAller

2007-09-26 12:58:45   Dude, you need to update this because.... some of this is lies! Anyway... Hi. —NoelHardesty-DeMenge

2008-03-14 23:32:26   Hey Marty... I moved your comment up into the UC Davis Fire Department Pancake Breakfast entry. Always feel free to edit the entry directly, especially when it's important info like that! Have you added it to the Events Board? —JabberWokky