Hello, my name is Matt. I grew up in Los Angeles and resided just east of downtown Davis for 4 years. I am now a graduate student in Applied Mathematics at Cornell University. I frequently edit the ithacawiki now, but i often stop by to help out the wikis i used to work on. I love to run and especially eat. In fact i have rated all the Davis restaurants i have been to at Matt's Restaurant Rankings. Mainly i was drawn to woodland to explore various restaurants, and hence i did rate some of these restaurants too (on this page).

Matt's Woodland restaurant reviews

This is the way i rate the restaurants ive been to in Woodland: rating scale of 1-10 (i did not rate fast food chains because most people know what their food tastes like anyway)

dollar signs do not take into account lunch specials. $ = most entrees under 6 $$ = entrees in the 6-9 range $$$ = entrees in the 9-12 range $$$$ = entrees in the 12-16 range $$$$$ = most entrees 16+

  • El Paisano Taco Truck - $ (8.5) the tacos are great, and they're only a buck including tax. The horchata is not very good, but its only a dollar as well. This is actually the best tacos i have had in the Yolo/Sac area.
  • Quetzal - $ (8.5) Excellent gorditas and home made tortillas.
  • Pad Thai Restaurant - $$ (8) Solid restaurant. They have better curry than the Davis restaurants, but worse pad thai (isnt that a coincidence).
  • El Jubilete - $$ (7) excellent Lengua, and really nice people. The rest of the food we had was average for a mexican restaurant in the yolo area.
  • Ono Teriyaki - $ (6.5) pretty good food for a reasonable price, and the people are really nice. I have only tried the fried items, i will be back for the grilled ones, so the rating may change soon
  • Sizzling Hot Mongolian BBQ - $$$ (5.5) decent mongolian bbq. But the lunch not being all you can eat kind of feals like a rip off since your meal shrinks when they cook it.
  • Golden Dragon Restaurant - $$ (5.5) This place serves average Chinese food at a decent price. Its pretty good for Woodland Chinese, but much better chinese food can be found in Sac and Davis.