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2009-04-24 18:53:23   Welcome to the Wiki. Thanks for registering under your real name. We've had a lot of problems recently with people using "Role Accounts" that diminish the creation of a sense of community here on the wiki. For instance someone created a "role account" for Campus Recreation, but in doing so they created some real problems. If that account is shared between users it may be a violation of campus cyber-safety policies and good practices, and if it is being used by only one person then they are contributing to a growing problem here on the wiki with "Role Accounts". Either way there are now two pages with information purporting to tell users about Campus Recreation and CampusRec. The other issue it raises is that if someone else comes along and registers Users/CampusRecreation and starts announcing events that don't exist and defaming the Chancellor no one will know if that account is really an official spokeperson for Campus Recreation or just a kook who isn't willing to stand behind their words with their importance of using your RealName. By registering with a real name, or a pseudonym and establishing an identity the issue of "Role" impersonation is reduced. —JasonAller

2010-05-20 18:28:29   Howdy! Why did you undo all my changes to the Campus Special Coupon Book entry? I had added links and cleaned up several things (like removing the empty fax field). —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-05-21 15:48:13   No worries... that's why I asked. Cooperative editing often involves a bit of communication, especially since we all mistakenly stomp over somebody else's edits from time to time. I'll flip it back now. Thanks for the contribution, by the way. —JabberWokky

2010-05-21 18:45:14   (re: your comment on the wokk's page) A redirect would probably be more appropriate (though I'm pretty sure that was what you were actually referring to by "link"). Redirects are frequently invoked to restore continuity to renamed pages, correct common misspellings, and serve as shorthand for inline hyperlinks. Of course, they are certainly not limited to these uses, and if you feel that creating a redirect on 100 Dollar Coupon Book would help, you are certainly free to do so. (Here's the redirect template, by the way.) —EBT

  • I just created one (didn't see your comment here, EBT). If you go to 100 Dollar Coupon Book, you are now redirected. -jw

2010-05-23 14:28:10   Thanks guys, I did mean redirect —MattSmidebush