Michele Tobias was born in Camarillo and has lived there most of her life, except for those times she's been away attending various colleges. She's currently in Davis but comes home for holidays to visit family.

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to talk about how I got involved in this whole wiki thing, so here it goes...

I moved to Davis in the fall of 2006 to start the Geography PhD program at UC Davis and was introduced to Davis Wiki at orientation. The orientation people said that it was a great resource for finding anything you needed to know about the town, plus it was a great way to waste time/procrastinate/generally goof off because there was all kinds of little-known Davis info there.

So I started out as just a user of a great tool. I left comments, but never really edited anything. I was scared that I would do it wrong and someone would yell at me.

It wasn't until the Geography Club started using a page on Davis Wiki for our website that I really started to edit. It was safer there since it was our nook of the wiki and no one could tell us we were doing it wrong.

It snow-balled from there. I got to thinking about how much better my home town would be if only there was a way to figure out what to do, where to eat, and where the heck the giant blue Scorpion came from. So using the support and tools provided by WikiSpot, the wonderful team that brought us the Davis Wiki, I started Camarillo Wiki with the help of friends and family. It's an experiment.

So, should I have been worried that someone would yell at me and tell me I'm doing stuff wrong. No. Have people yelled and said I've done stuff wrong? Well, yes. Every now and then, someone forgets that this is a community with a common goal and they slip up and say something mean. I can forgive them. And I can understand that people get passionate about this stuff because they want it to be the best it can be.

It's a wiki. It's fun. I hope you'll join us!


2009-05-20 21:59:02   Seems like you are another VCer in and around Davis. Seems to be a lot of those around the wiki community :) —JohnNash

2009-06-08 14:30:00   It was just a bad day! You know what it is like you work on something and then it disappears? The day before I started the page, and the next day someone else moved things around (which is I know how this wiki stuff works) and then I must have spent 2 hours working on the bio, and then I got up came back- and it was gone. So then I quickly retyped some stuff, and left for dinner with Kev, came back and you'd made some changes. No biggy, just frustrated with life. And besides, my ego may be too fragile for this wiki stuff anyway! Big Hugs! —CarleenPitts

2009-08-13 10:14:15   Hi Michele. I found Camarillo Wiki through your July 26, 2009 post on Facebook's "I Grew Up In Camarillo!" Wall discussion...Dave —DaveFish

2010-06-30 11:46:45   Pretty cool! Glad somebody's doing this!

I owned camarillowiki.org in early 2007 and put up a wiki but it never took so I stopped paying for it. Proof from archive.org: http://web.archive.org/web/20070319201525/camarillowiki.info/index.php/Main_Page :-) —ChrisThielen

2010-07-09 20:19:23   Hi Chris! I knew that there was once a different Camarillo Wiki, but I didn't know who started it. I'm glad to meet you (if only virtually). I think it's a greatly needed resource for sleepy, little Camarillo. Regardless of whether or not we keep the domain name long term, the Camarillo Wiki that's going now will live on, thanks to our parent organization, WikiSpot.org Please help us out with the new incarnation of the Camarillo Wiki! Your help will be much appreciated. —MicheleTobias