My name is Michelle.

Name Info: So, if you're curious as to why I chose to use my last name's initials instead of the whole thing (kinda boring, but I can see the importance of using a real name here, so I figured I would explain): So my last name is Hanley and my husband's last name is Vanella. When we got married, I hyphened my last name, hence the HV. I didn't put the whole thing in my Davis Wiki Real Name because I'm not currently using my married name since I'm in school and didn't want to go through the process of changing my name and dealing with transcripts, etc. So my last name will be updated in a about a year after I graduate. So I didn't want to put MichelleHanley, since that will change and I might still be using the Wiki.

A little about me: I am a 4th year transfer student at UC Davis double-majoring in Linguistics and French. I'm currently the Mixed Community Coordinator at the Cross Cultural Center. I've lived in Davis for a little under two years.

Interests: When I have time, I enjoy reading, going for walks, traveling, drawing, and (recent development) cooking.


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