Name: Michael V. Siminitus

Working toward Zero Waste is my goal - I've been Recycling intently since 2004 with the now defunct R4 Recycling Program the Campus Center for the Environment and Waste Busters. Waste Busters is an Event Support and Zero Waste consulting company I started in Davis. We began by helping the Davis Farmers Market move toward Zero Waste, going from a 9% recycling rate to over 90% thanks to our program. Now we support a wide range of major sporting and music events, festivals and street fairs. We also provide a variety of recycling services, such as Business Outreach and Waste Characterization, for a wide range of public and private entities.

I graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in International Relations focusing on the Environment, Populations and Resources. I then rode my bike to Guatemala after learning about bike repair at the Bike Church. I have worked for UC Davis as their Zero Waste Program Manager. I love Whole Earth Festival and have been involved in various capacities over the years. I can't wait to rejoin the Karma Patrol.

Mike was also featured in the first episode of AGTV

Since leaving Davis in 2009, this page has become somewhat of a historical foot note. However, in 2015 Michael created the Sebastopolwiki and has been adding content. Maybe this page will see more updates as a result.


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I think "passionate about the environment" is an understatement-JamesSchwab

2005-02-25 01:24:12   Ariela and I liked your seagull site. —KarlMogel

2005-02-28 14:13:31   hey mike... A&E backed down from doing the construction on east quad... we got our festie back! —MikeyNolan

2008-10-29 19:24:32   Radio-synchronized sound bike? Check.

By the way, student housing said "GTFO our land, bike church, we don't like ruffians here." —Darach

2009-04-01 13:41:53   Hello Mike, I received a friend request on FaceBook from a friend of yours. She had mistakenly misspelled your last name, instead spelling it Seminitis. I found the spelling between our names to be so close and assuming the pronunciation to be about the same I just had to get in contact with you. Reason being, My family is very small. To my knowledge my father, his brother and my grandfather and possibly my fathers uncle are the only one's who had the name. Now there is myself, my three brothers and my nephew who will carry on the name. I am very curious as to what your genealogy is. I have always wondered since I am only third generation in this country if there is more to the story (Family Tree.) Maybe they changed it on Ellis island when my family came over. I am hoping you get this message and possibly have some info that could help me and my family out. If not it is still cool knowing there is a guy with a name very similar to mine, especially after 27 years of being the only Mike Seminitis (Sem-ih-nye-tiss) in the world. Thanks, Mike —MichaelSeminitis

2009-05-20 21:38:00   Hey Mike! You have to delete the bit about nobody commenting on your page. —AlyssaOlenberg

2011-03-13 16:22:20   Mike, can you join the discussion on Yolo County Central Landfill/Talk? There are some questions there about your recent edit. —CovertProfessor

2011-03-13 16:44:21   The $350,000.00 was brought up at the Mar. o1, 2011 city council meeting. It is being debated whether the city should continue with this effort or not as it requires up to 5 years of research and fees of $350,000.00 just to begin, including EIRs. It was estimated at the meeting that fees could reach much higher than this as well.

As for the %. This was also mentioned as being the total amount of landfill space being used by the state of California in regards to plastic bags.

All of this should still be on record in the minutes of the Mar o1, 2o11 meeting. —Wes-P

2015-01-26 16:12:48   I've been to Sebastopol as a performer for "Much Ado About Sebastopol" which is why I have something useful to contribute (Wild Flour, Sushi Hana); I've added Sushi Tozai for editorial balance and I just pulled it off a search string for "sushi in Sebastopol" which is also where Formosa Bistro came from. —JudithTruman