A student off and on since the fall of 99... resided at the Agrarian Effort Coop with some kick ass kids. Associated in the past with compost, dumpsteres, and generally getting frustrated with ASUCD. Former co-director of the Whole Earth Festival. Enjoys the culture, vibe, energy, and thing that is Davis, but sometimes can not handle that lack of hills or ocean thing... and so Compost Mikey has now moved on from Davis.


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2005-02-21 11:39:36   Mike rocks my aura. —JenndelaVega

2005-02-23 20:16:01   where did you get your silk screens? —ArlenAbraham

2005-02-24 01:48:11   I borrow them when needed, but folks have made them in the past (it's pretty easy), and WEF has lots of old archived ones from past years.... —MikeyNolan

2005-03-01 00:11:08   Way to go savin the festie! You also rock my aura —MikeSiminitus

2005-06-22 04:28:33   Mike- thanks for all your hard wefwork! Hope Produce is fruitful for you... ha ha —EllenSeeley

2005-06-22 15:24:27   Ellen's so funny. Yes! Welcome to the Co-op, you fit in so well. Don't forget to come talk to the nice checkers, we get lonely, and stop breaking our door! —MichelleAccurso