Minh Tran lives in the house known by most as the United U.N (yes, thats united united nations :P) She collects dutch roommates by the dozen. But also likes any foreign exchange student needing a place to stay. Her house claim to fame is having the 'no parking' sign that is stuck into the tree than removed on E. 8th street.

She can be caught at G street ordering the cheapest pitcher of beeeeeeer with her roomies on most friday nights.

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I no longer collect dutch roomies but actually moved to collecting Brazilian roomies instead :P. G Street Pub love has gone...although i might hang around on karaoke night so I can hear rich sing "jesse's girl" _ if anyone wants to stalk me i'm usually working at the Naturalist aka the best shop in all of davis :P and i'm one of the few people who live in davis but go to school in sacstate :P the amtrak as been my worst enemy and my best friend.