Hi Mitchal! Thanks for coming over to the IV wiki and working on some pages. Feel free to join the IV contributor group on Facebook! For the Housing page, I'm curious - some of the companies and properties listed are SB and Goleta instead of IV. What's your thinking with how to place cross-regional information for the SB area? I haven't thought much about this yet since I've been focused on IV-specific topics. -Britta

Hi Britta! The page is intended to help UCSB students find housing more easily. And you're right. Some of the properties are in IV, Goleta, and Santa Barbara. Since it was intended for UCSB students, I thought the IV localwiki was the best place to put all the resources. The Santa Barbara wiki is pretty sparse as well. What would be better is for the SB and IV localwikis to have the page but only a single file so changes apply to both instances. Do you know if that's possible? -Mitchal

Cool! I think it makes sense to have a page for people who are looking at housing options in IV and want to know what else is available in the region too. Hmm, I don't think there's a way to have a page be in two regions. One option could be to keep the list in the IV wiki (since it's targeted at UCSB students) and keep the IV company/property pages in the IV wiki, but move the SB and Goleta companies/properties to pages on the SB wiki. The list could still link to the pages on the other region. This could even inspire more activity in the SB wiki maybe. :) -Britta



Oh, sorry. I was looking for the housing section for Santa Barbara and was directed to this page. Is this the moderator page for Santa Barbara? Sorry, I'm kind of new on the wiki and was looking for housing in the summer and fall to attend UCSB.


Hi Erik,

I'm actually not sure what this page is, but I was notified that you contacted me.

The best housing page I know of is at the IslaVista localwiki. (I didn't put it on the SantaBarbara localwiki since IslaVista contained most of the rental housing for students.)


I compiled a list of all property managers and apartments complexes that I could find online and put them on the page. I must say the list is incomplete though since many places to rent in IslaVista do not have an online presence and can actually be a little difficult to get ahold of since it is the only rental property owned by the landlord. The page is a good place to start though.



Thanks for getting back to me. Mitchal, is it? Or Britta? Sorry I get confused with what's on the page. Yeah, I was looking to somewhere in the Santa Barbara area. I had considered IslaVista, but because I wasn't so sure about the local geography, I wasn't sure if housing out there would work out, and like you mentioned, the information on a lot of the entries aren't really detailed. I was hoping to get more of a recommendation rather than read up on the few entries. I'll see what I can find, though.


I think I was directed from a different city's wiki, but is this wiki page just for Santa Barbara or other cities? I googled Santa Barbara housing and this was one of the pages I was taken too. I'm also helping out a friend who's also transferring up to NorCal, but he's not going to Santa Barbara..