I grew up in Chelsea. I received my masters degree from the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Michigan in 2005 and have my undergrad degree from EECS, so have therefore spent plenty of time on North Campus. I lived in Mosher-Jordan (UM) for one year, the North Campus Co-ops for five years, and Jorvik for one. I now live in Ypsilanti, and worked as a planner for that city for some years. I now work for a non-profit and sit on the City of Ypsilanti Planning Commission. (Standard caveat applies: unless I say I'm acting in official function, I'm not. Online, nobody knows you're a dog, and I'm just another dog.)

I write the blog Common Monkeyflower and contribute to Arbor Update. (<-- wow, this entry is a little out of date...)

--Murph 00:44, 18 December 2006 (GMT)

To do: User:Murph's Ypsi-living Guide - since I get asked by people if I've got a standard list of things to do/see/join when moving to Ypsi. Not yet, but I will.