Nathaniel Jarrett is a former resident of Kingwood, Tx (which is 30 miles north of the fattest city in America). He is studying Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis and plans to one day own his own winery/brewery/distillery or even all three. He is random, sophisticated, outgoing, hard working (out-of-state fees kill), and always looking for a good chat. He is known in his hometown for being the former employee of Media Magic, wearing a floppy brown hat looking thing, and being the only male in the school to be searched while wearing a kilt...long story but it all began because he was hungry for some Blimpies.

Currently he is gliding his way through classes with serious lack of interest. Of more interest to him is working at unitrans as a driver, student shop assistant and Tipsy Taxi driver. Not only does he drive the invisibly painted red buses but he repairs them too. Also generally once a week he will drive Tipsy Taxi since drunk people are a lot more fun to drive around then sober people.


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2005-10-26 12:12:26   You might want to know that anarchism is a bunch of serious political ideas, aiming generally at the abolition of (the notion of) property altogether, as opposed to communism which aims at the abolition only of PRIVATE property. Just as communism, although in its full form, a bad idea, has provided many useful ideas to society, anarchism can do the same. It really is a shame that anarchism was discredited by various terrorist acts by anarchists and finished off by Lenin and Stalin, who didn't want other "leftist" competition. I should add that i don't know much beyond this. —AlexanderWoo

2005-12-08 16:16:20   Hey - I noticed you are one of the editors of the 0 - 3 at UCD page. Do you know who I could contact about buying one of those black-and-white "Don't Be A Dick" shirts? —NaBarry

2007-01-11 20:18:42   hi! —ChristyMarsden

2007-04-01 13:23:25   thanks for the ride last night. . .youre my hero —JackkiCox