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2008-01-19 18:08:06   Welcome to the Wiki. Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner; it will help explain how you can make the wiki a positive experience for you without clashing with established wiki social norms. I left this note for you because I saw that someone reverted your edits to Just KIDding. —JasonAller

2008-06-26 15:45:15   Hi! please do NOT remove the comments of others. —RocksandDirt

2008-06-26 15:57:41   If you're going to be moving things around on a page, you can use the preview button to check your progress between steps.

Also, I'm not sure why you're removing comments, as they were largely positive. Davis Wiki is both a directory and a public forum, and serves both purposes. So any information about your business is good, but any other on-topic comments are fair game too. —BrentLaabs