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2010-05-19 14:54:54   Welcome to the Wiki! Totally agree with you on how silly the whole "cops are bad" dogma some students seem to have is. You might enjoy the "Cops Off Campus" protest currently going on in the quad. Davis cops are pretty friendly in my experience. I have seen so many times when they had the opportunity to hand out tickets but they let people go instead. —hankim

2010-08-07 22:24:34   "This town is being overrun with drug addicts, burglars, and validated gang parolees, but no one cares." Emphasis mine. If no one cares, then what's the problem?

Also, are you aware that if your IQ scores too high you can not become a police officer? Officer -> Detective, therefore you have to have UNDER certain IQ in order to be a detective. When officers came after my store was broken into they didn't take prints, they took a couple of pictures, then they left. When I called to ask what they were doing they asked me "What would you like me to do?". When my friend's house was broken into the police came an 'confiscated' more stuff. That's right, his house was broken into so the police came to help finish the job.

Most of my experiences with the Davis PD have been neutral, but none of them have been good and several have been quite bad. So yeah, when I needed help the police were not there, your point has been invalidated. —MasonMurray