I'm new to the Wiki! I've been reading for awhile now and will finally edit some pages. :)

I'm a UC Davis alumnus currently living/working in the Martinez/El Sobrante area.


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2008-05-28 18:28:35   Welcome to the Wiki. You may want to read through some of the Wiki Community articles to understand why there is a vested interest in retaining history here on the wiki. —JasonAller

2008-05-28 18:36:32   The concerns you raise continue to be discussed on the wiki. See Reviews and Anonymous Criticism. Please review the Importance of using your RealName as it goes a long way when advocating for a change in the way the wiki operates. —JasonAller

2008-05-28 19:19:07   Aggie alumnus as well? —PhilipNeustrom

2008-05-28 19:56:50   Hey, Paul. I did revert/change a couple of your entries so I wanted to give you an explanation. It seemed like you removed quite a bit of the negative information. While it is negative, it is also true. I was at the meetings and know some of the folks involved. I was wondering why you chose to delete it? Is it a question about it being true?

Feel free to send me a message back...

andrew —AndrewPeake

2008-05-28 22:21:22   Hey, I agree that in the scheme of life these things are not all that important. However, as phillip said, there is no reason to delete it. Sure it is a little negative, but people have to live with what they did. Check out my page, being an ASUCD senator isn't much, but by having that info out there it provides a history, and lessons on what not to do for future students. I was involved via mediaboard (I was an designee at the time) —AndrewPeake

2008-05-28 22:39:13   it means I went to meetings on behalf of someone who was on the board. I later was a rep. Media Board oversees the aggie and kdvs. Did you work at the paper? —AndrewPeake

2008-05-29 01:06:12   Hey thanks for all the new info about Aggie stuff. My uncle used to live in Martinez... what do you do there? —JeremyOgul

2008-05-29 09:04:42   Hey, I read what you wrote on Philip's page. I do think it's interesting and important to have all the details; this is a wiki, not an abridged dictionary for Davis. Maybe it's not a resource you could quote in a paper but it's helpful in giving visitors and residents a relevant history and background of Davis. Unfortunately sometimes negative things happen but that doesn't mean we should censor them. —ElleWeber

2008-05-29 14:42:46   Things on this website have appeared in articles about me over the years. While the Aggie Ed board revolves continuously, the wiki provides a certain amount of institutional memory. For better or for worse info here stay forever - which I think is a great resource so we can all learn from past mistakes or resurrect old ideas that never came to fruition. I'd like to take back a few things I've said over the years because I have since either learned better, or my intent was lost, etc. But live and let live. And let the wiki admins worry about bandwidth usage and storage capacity. —RobRoy