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2010-02-21 16:59:36   Welcome to the Wiki. Have you read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner? —JasonAller

2010-02-23 19:55:19   Harvey, I looked at the comment you left for The Luxury Out House Company. I wonder how as someone connected with Sweet Briar Books you'd feel if people left similar comments on that page? Your choice of username hasn't stopped an identity forming for you in the minds of other editors based on your edit history. This is part of the reason that I continually urge people to edit under their real names; you won't regret your words being connected to your real identity at a later date if when you choose them you do so knowing that they are attached to you. I point this out because your comment contributed to the environment in which tommieW left this comment. —JasonAller

2010-02-24 13:05:35   This is really scary- I didn't leave this comment! I had never even heard of the place until now- please Wiki editors believe me that someone else maligned this business. Has anyone ever been hacked before on here? I have no idea who could have done this. I will remove the comment and leave a note that states that I got hacked. I honestly don't know how this could have happened. It's true, anyone can see from my edits that I work at Sweet Briar Books. I edit our page for the owner, who isn't so technically inclined with the computers. It isn't my MO to go around attacking small businesses in our town. Especially one that sells bath products. I love pretty-smelling soaps, so I'll have to check them out. :) By the way, I'm not a big rabbit. ;) —Pooka

  • Either the internet connection that you use for editing the Wiki is not secure or you left the computer that you use to edit the Wiki available to anyone because the comment came from the same IP address as the one used to make edits to the Sweet Briar Books page. —hankim
    • As Han said, same IP address (meaning likely the same computer). You can check right here. —TomGarberson

2010-02-24 13:30:51   Wow, thanks for clearing that up. I guess it was good I brought it to your attention. —JasonAller

2010-02-24 13:31:30   That's really creepy. Most likely, I left myself signed in. —Pooka

2010-02-24 13:35:23   No problem. I just found this really upsetting. Sorry that I choose not to leave my name on here. I'm a young female, and I am wary about putting personal info out there. Pooka is a real nickname, though. Some of the best people in my life call me that. :) Don't think "Harvey", think "Puck". :D —Pooka

  • I thought the rabbit in the movie was a Pooka or "Puck" in English. —hankim

An Irish Pooka fairy I like fairy lore, here is a nice image of a pooka (or puca'). Maybe you have your own little trickster fairy following you around hacking your wiki account! DagonJones

2010-02-24 14:37:18   Harvey was (supposedly) a pooka, but I'm of the less scary variety! It's been a long time since I've seen the film. Harvey was a figment of the main character's imagination, right? I think it's from a play by Mary Chase. :) Hey, thanks for the faerie art! I love Brian Froud. That's more of the sort of pooka that I was thinking about. If you are interested in reading some great faerie lore, the late folklorist, Katherine Briggs, collected some of the best folk tales. —Pooka

2010-02-24 15:58:18   Since you are a Pooka, can you tell another Pooka to stop following me around and telling me to do things? Picture of the Pooka following me: Linkhankim

2010-02-24 17:11:30   Oh no! It's Frank! —Pooka