Prolife2008 is a sockpuppet for Steve Ostrowski


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2007-09-07 15:55:02   Howdy. I'm assuming this is a wiki-savvy user, either Gabe or Steve. Which is it, please?

Due to abuse and community request, Steve has been locked out of the SfL@UCD entry. I'm locking this account as it appears to be a sockpuppet for Steve. If not, just let me know who you are. Please be reasonable. —JabberWokky

2007-09-07 16:02:47   How extensive are these bans? Steve (in this case ProLife2008) is providing me with some useful info for me to streamline into an article. If you must lock ProLife2008, could you do it in an hour or so? This is my first experience with this aspect of the Wiki community, so... —GabeKoulikov

2007-09-07 16:16:50   One wonders why Steve hasn't discovered "e-mail" for sending info to Gabe. —KarlMogel

2007-09-07 16:19:41   Steve just can't edit the entry directly (he was refusing to take other editors into consideration). He can add information to the Talk page, and any editor can move it into the main entry. You can edit (William was a bit overzealous when he was removing your edits). Please just take into consideration that wiki editing is a community activity, so let other people have input into the entry as well. Right now the entire issue of editing that entry (and any other Steve related entry) is very touchy and feelings are running high. Lots of people have simply run out of patience because of Steve's unilateral non-cooperative editing in the past. You're taking some of the residual anger because, quite frankly, people are pissed about it. —JabberWokky

  • Gotcha. —GabeKoulikov
  • JabberWokky, note well that I was not removing Gabe's edits. I was undoing his reversions to content that Steve wrote. Big difference. -wl

2007-09-07 16:35:06   New edits, as I have been told by Gabe will be taken off as we are re-doing the entire page and it takes some time to compile everything. It might be best to lock the page for a few hours. —ProLife2008

Don't bother working on the page. What part of "locked from editing" don't you understand? -wl

2007-09-07 16:42:01   "ProLife2008" and GabeKoulikov are working from the same IP address - which is on a Comcast Cable connection. This suggests that they are editing from the same place, and therefore Gabe was aware that Steve set up a Sockpuppet account. Whether he was aware that this is violating the rules is another question. —KarlMogel

  • Yeah. I find it interesting that Steve is so shady that it's against the rules for me to work together with him as an equal. —GabeKoulikov
    • It isn't. People are really pissed because they think Steve is using you to get his way. He's gotten his way over and over, with zero regard for anybody else around him, and they think you're simply being used. As I said, feelings are really really sore. Steve really has managed, over several years, to piss off a wide spectrum of people from all walks of life. You're tainted by association right now, which isn't fair to you, but Steve's pulled elaborate hoaxes and stunts to get his way before, so your actions are under heavy scrutiny right now. It stinks, I agree. You basically walked in the door right at the wrong time, alongside the single person who has garnered more animosity than anybody else in this community's history. Sorry, but I figured a blunt statement of the circumstances is more fair to you than to couch it in nice terms. —JabberWokky
      • Yes, blunt/direct is always best with me. Thank you. —GabeKoulikov
      • Doing it out in the open is the best way by far. Steve can suggest edits on the talk page, and you can transfer them to the SFL page, where they would be reviewed by the other editors. That way, everyone's happy.

2007-09-07 16:44:31   (For what it's worth, ProLife2008 is locked from any entry Steve is locked from). —JabberWokky