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Nice call on the Davis Airporter revert. -jw

2014-06-05 22:09:40   Thanks for the comment on Davis_Food_Co-op/Election_2014/Talk - I have a better understanding of how we got here. —DougWalter

2014-09-14 21:50:17   Just as a note, wikis don't have neutral voices. You may be confused because Wikipedia does, but that's because it is an encyclopedia, not because it is a wiki. That said, wikis are edited by the community to a cumulative voice, sometimes called average voice, and that edit you changed probably doesn't reflect the views of the community as a whole. A good edit, and there are very good times to use a neutral voice on this wiki (usually when introducing a divisive issue before the more impassioned writing supporting different sides), but there's no mandate that wikis be neutral in tone, and there are cases where a passionate writing style best reflects the reality of the community view. Of course, what level of passionate writing versus what level of a more measured tone varies by editor... but that's part of the whole cumulative voice thing. —JabberWokky