Rick lived at the Dam Haus for some years and has been involved with KDVS for 14 years. A Davis resident from 1993-2007 with a few gaps in between, Rick enjoys listening to unusual music, seeing live music shows, playing basketball at LaRue, and hiking and climbing.

Rick works in downtown Sacramento in the field of legislative research and reporting and volunteers at KDVS as a trainer and coach for new recruits and DJs.

Rick's weekly seminars/discussions on freeform radio theory and musicology for Summer 2008 have started. They are being held every Thursday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. in Wellman 126 on the UC Davis campus.


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2012-06-06 00:38:39   Rick Ele is no longer teaching the radio and musicology seminars for KDVS. —MichaelTaber