Riki Hayashi had lived in Davis from 1988 until 2010 when he moved to Virginia working in the field of his dreams- Judging and writing for the DCI and Star City Games. While serving as the roadie for legendary Sacramento rock band Magnolia Thunderfinger, lead singer Skid Jones decided that Riki needed a cool nickname. Riki has responded to Risky ever since, and would prefer to be known that way on DavisWiki so as not to be confused with a certain women's clothing store.

Risky is a Level 3 DCI Judge for the card game Magic: the Gathering. He certified (Level 1) in 2004 at Grand Prix Oakland. For the next few years he bounced back and forth between playing and judging the game. In 2008 he certified for Level 2 and judged at his first Pro Tour in Hollywood. Since then he has worked at every Pro Tour on the schedule, including Berlin and Memphis in 2008, and Kyoto, Honolulu, Austin, and Rome in 2009. He's been equally active on the competitive Grand Prix circuit, judging events in San Francisco and Daytona Beach (2007); Philadelphia, Denver, and Atlanta (2008); and Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Tampa, and Minneapolis (2009). He was promoted to Level 3 at Pro Tour Kyoto in 2009. Risky is often called upon to be the Head Judge of medium-sized events including a Starcitygames Legacy Open in Charlotte, the California State Championship in 2009, and numerous Pro Tour Qualifiers all over the state of California.

Risky has written extensively about the game of Magic for numerous strategy websites, including TCGplayer.com, Starcitygames.com, and Channelfireball.com. Since 2008, he has written the column titled "The Riki Rules," primarily focusing on judging and rules issues in the game. In 2010, it was his history of writing articles for the game, as well as his judging status that garnered him his dream job of traveling judge/correspondent for Star City Games based in Roanoke, Virgina.

Riki Hayashi may be seen on the web in many places:

In Video: Interview with Channel Fireball Interview with Luis Scott-Vargas another former Davis local

In Podcasts:

MTG Judgecasts- Podcasts available about rules, penalties and random MTG facts and player tips.

In Written form:

Riskypedia Riki's Magic the Gathering Blog site. Star City Games A direct link for his 'The Riki Rules' news articles for the MTG Card site. TCG Player A link to all of his articles for the Magic Card Game site.

On Twitter:



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