I'm Robert Hester and I go to UC Davis. I'm a double major in History and Political Science. I tend to study the Russian-related areas of those fields whenever I can, and I am also learning the Russian language. My internship has me involved in the only Russian assistance program on the west coast (a non-profit called Center for Citizen Initiatives). It's pretty cool. I love Russians but I also tend to like just about anyone who doesn't act like a total douche.

I lurk the UC Davis LiveJournal site pretty regularly. I like to visit it out of habit, just to see if one of the usual suspects has posted something interesting. I'd like to meet a few of them, as I prefer hanging out with people rather than yelling at them over a blog... I have fought on there many times in the past, yet I haven't had a conflict with anyone in my immediate social network for about two years... weird huh?

I used to only hang out with a few people in Davis, but that has been changing. Some of my friends (always the Russian girls) are really into bringing me into their extended networks of friends and it's been a lot of fun. I really enjoy meeting new people, but I always cherish the ones who have been with me the longest.

I like working out at the gym (not the ARC, its too far right now, but things might change) and that's usually a good way to pass the time. I actually cook too, but usually only on school breaks. I make stuff for me and my girlfriend, and that's about it. But she says its really good. And she's not the type who would say things just to make me feel better..

That's about all for now.