Robert is a UC Davis student, double-majoring in history and psychology. His wife and he come from Redding, CA.


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2009-03-27 16:17:02   Your comment RE World of Warcraft Lat. being higher than the bit rate suggests could be related to WoW using a base P2P system, making it a target for some ISPs to cap your transfer speed at an absurdly low rate. I honestly have no idea if the ISP is doing this, or for that matter if WoW uses P2P for gameplay or just for patches, movies and the like. You can easily test this by downloading something large like Open Office directly from the distributor, and then comparing it to the download rate of the same thing through torrent. —MasonMurray

2009-05-15 12:19:17   The ISP definitely throttles. A tech did it while I was on the phone with them. But it's done on an IP-by-IP basis, not based upon traffic-type (or so it seems). —RobertM525

2010-05-29 00:05:44   hey robert, i just wanted to ask if you knew why torrents sometimes work and usually don't work at the apt complex. —carpenoctum

2010-06-04 11:48:33   Robert, just a heads up: I'm bumping your comment from carpenoctum's /talk page to his/her main user page. —TomGarberson

2010-11-01 23:14:07   Robert, thank you for your concern about the Food Co-op. (There's no reason I can imagine for the O to be capitalized.) Speaking for myself, but as a senior employee, I can say that we have been planning and renovating, with TJ's as one major factor. We think that there are some places where we can compete with them, some places where the two stores do completely different things, and that we should be fine in the long run. I think that all the supermarkets in town will see some effect from having a savvy, well-run specialty grocer in town; I'd speculate that Westlake IGA will see quite a hit, although I expect they've also been planning and getting ready. —DougWalter